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This page provides general information about REP Design, it's products and services for ham and commercial radio, and a bit about this NEW website at GoDaddy. 

You will also find a list of information to send me if you are looking for a price quote or not sure what you need, regarding antenna brackets and supplies for ham radio and other radio communication equipment.


Information about new products, website updates and anything that might be of interest.


Here you will find the details about each product with images and compatible accessories. You may want to start here if you are not sure which product you need.  Products are organized into Categories.

For even more details and information about installation, visit DOWNLOADS to view and print our product manuals and user information.

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CANADIAN & INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: please email (RepDesignLLC@gmail.com) me with any questions you may have. I ship by USPS Priority Mail with typically 6-10 service to most continents - I have sold products so far on 4 continents. To request a quote please go to Quote Request  below for a list of suggested questions that will help me provide you with awesome products. If the quote meets your needs, you then order on the SPECIAL PAYMENTS page which offers "couple click" ordering.

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"Couple click" ordering for USA, Canadian & International customers, if you have a quote from me. This way you don't have to select multiple products one at a time. 


You can view my warranty and return policy.


You can view and print our latest complete products flyer, product manuals, test results, circuit designs, etc. Happy viewing.

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Need assistance with your antenna setup, call or email me anytime. If I'm in I answer the phone.

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The REP Design Story


Thank you for viewing our web site, we appreciate your interest and business. Many thanks to our many customers worldwide who have made our business a success since 2007 - THANK YOU! We provide EXCELLENT customer service that is second to none! You can phone or email us - if we're in the office any time of the day or evening we will answer your questions and needs. If you submit a quote request , we respond promptly. We treat our customers the same way we want to be treated by the companies we do business with!

Our products are designed and built by Dick Post, N7EMW, for amateur radio operators as well as CB and commercial mobile and portable radio operators, worldwide, who is looking for unique well made products. We have sales across North America, Australia, Asia, Europe and New Zealand – not quite “worked all continents” yet but we're trying!

We only make and sell products that Dick would use, and in fact he has used many of them on his personal mobile and portable antenna setups. Yes, Dick is a bit of a perfectionist! If he would not use something you will not find it on our web site! Our company was founded when he designed our initial product in 2007, the UHAM-100, because he was not satisfied with any of the available antenna mounts for his large HF antenna –  years later the “UHAMs” are still working great.