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SHUNT-100: HF Load Inductor

The SHUNT-100 is an adjustable weatherproof HF load inductor for 160-10m. It is designed to be installed outside, on vehicles and fixed-base locations were additional inductance is required to increase the antenna impedance to an acceptable SWR, for mobile antennas mounted close to the ground.

To download the product installation instructions, click > MANUALS. To view the warranty click > WARRANTY . Our PRODUCT GUIDE lists all of our products, where they can be used and what types of antennas they fit. You may find that our PRICE LIST  is handy if you would like a quick view of all of our product costs, including accessories, options and parts.

SHUNT-100: Adjustable Weatherproof HF Load Inductor

The SHUNT-100 is used to adjust the SWR of your antenna system at resonance on the 160 - 40 meter bands where you need additional inductance to increase the impedance to reduce the SWR at resonance. Once adjusted it does NOT have to be re-adjusted for the other HF bands, 160 through 10 meters. Readjustment may only be needed if you change your antenna characteristics, such as add a different length whip or capacity hat. On the upper bands, like any shunt coil, it is "invisible" to RF.

It is compact in size and comes in a weather and sunlight resistant gray PVC housing, with stainless steel and Type 6061 aluminum hardware. This may be the only shunt inductor that comes in a weather resistant case! To access the coil for adjusting, you simply remove two stainless steel screws that hold the access panel. Under the panel is a rubber gasket for weather proofing.

Inside is a custom wound tin plated 99% pure copper 14 gauge solid wire coil with silver plated contact clip for adjusting. It mounts to the ground bolt on our mounts or can be used with ANY BRAND mount. The aluminum mounting plate (1x 1/8x 3 inches) includes a 1/4" diameter hole for mounting and it can be rotated in any direction to meet your specific needs.

To adjust the SHUNT for your specific installation, tune your radio and antenna to the lowest frequency you will use, on 160 or 80m. Loosen the clip screw and try various coil taps until your SWR is low. Tighten the clip screw and re-check. You can fine tune the SWR by spreading the coil windings closer or farther apart. Check the next higher band (if tuned on 160m try 80m). Then try all other bands through 10m. The SHUNT should not affect bands higher than 80 or 40m and once tuned you should be set for all HF bands and will not need to retune the SHUNT for different bands. Of course your antenna must be able to resonate on the desired bands (although at high SWR on the low bands without the SHUNT) as no inductor will help your antenna if it will not resonate.

The SHUNT has been tested at 100 watts on 160m through 10m. 

The SHUNT-100 Bolts To Our Following Products:

The SHUNT-100 bolts to any of the following products, with the stainless steel hardware included with the mounts. These can be ordered by clicking on the PRODUCT NAMES below, which take you to a detailed description and ordering page for each item. We offer a discount if you order three (3) or more of one or multiple products. For a FAST QUOTE, click > QUANTITY DISCOUNT .

  • UHAM150 & UHAM200 : universal fit, "two points of support" HF screwdriver / motorized antenna mounts.
  • AMB "L" bracket mounts:  various "L" bracket mounts including top of mast heavy-duty one that can hold up to THREE antennas.
    • AMB-Bkt 1 & 2: single & dual 1/4" thick x 2" wide aluminum
    • AMB-Bkt-1T: HD version of single "L", 1/2" thick x 2.5" wide, aluminum
    • AMB-Bkt-Mast-D2.0: HD top of mast "L" for 1-3 antennas, 1/2" thick x 4" wide, aluminum, 3 SS U-bolts for masts to 2" diameter
  • BKT-Flat-4 & 4S : SHD flat mount for large HF screwdriver / motorized antennas.
  • BKT-Sksp-1 : SHD flat mount for the Shakespeare military spring base - the one that Hi Q sells for their "ruggedized" HF motorized antennas.
  • BKT-HondaRL-1 & 2 : 51 inch long bolt-on multiple antenna brackets for the Honda Ridgeline.
  • BKT-NissanTrac-1-4  : slide-in brackets for the Nissan utility tracks on Frontier and Titan trucks.
  • CLAMP-150:  clamp to anything mobile antenna mount.
  • CLAMP-200 : super duty ladder or railing clamp-on bracket.

SHUNT-100 Options

You may find the following options of interest for your SHUNT100 installation.

  • SHUNT100 Jumper Cable : we now make and sell a short single conductor jumpler cable, made from Belden RG8 coax and using an Amphenol PL259 plug. This connects from the wing nut on the SHUNT to the "hot" connector on your antenna - same point that your coax center conductor goes to. You can easily fabricate your own or purchase our ready made cable (the SHUNT100 does not include a cable).
  • Cables & Connectors : we now sell high-quality Amphenol PL259 connectors, "the real deal"! I got tired of buying PL259 tees only to have them fall apart in my hands the first time I used them. I've now gone to Amphenol connectors for the N7EMW mobile.
  • CNCT_PL259-WXQD : weatherproof quick disconnect for your PL259 coax plugs - remove your antenna and protect your coax!

Product Photos:

The following are just a few of the photos that we have on our products, to illustrate some of the key features and installation ideas for this item.

PHOTO BELOW: What you get - weatherproof HF load inductor, with stainless steel wing nut for attaching a single conductor cable (not included) to your antenna and an aluminum flat mounting plate with a 1/4" hole for bolting to our compatible products and for "mounting anywhere".


PHOTOS BELOW: Dimensions and features.


PHOTO BELOW: Close-up of the coil clip and coil. 

PHOTOS BELOW: Two installation examples showing our UHAM150 mount.

For many additional photos, showing the SHUNT on our other products and on customers' installations, please visit our  PHOTO GALLERY ("Product Photos" & "Customer Photos" sections).  


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