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How To Download Files  

REP Design Products


Our PRODUCT MANUALS are now in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. They are in PDF format and can be viewed, downloaded or printed.

They are a great way to learn about our unique products - lots of details and contain photos and installation diagrams.

There is no charge but we ask that you reference REP Design LLC and Dick Post, N7EMW, as the author if you use any of the information contained in these documents or our web site.

All of the photography, graphics and writing are done by REP Design LLC, and we can provide similar services to you under our associated business Creative Design Images.

To open the current version of our product manuals, simply RIGHT CLICK on the icon and select OPEN LINK. This opens the PDF version on your computer screen. This may take several seconds to a minute on a fast internet connection as the largest manual is roughly 3 MB in size.

To download the current version of product manuals to your computer: RIGHT CLICK on the icon > select SAVE TARGET AS > browse to where you want the file on your computer > select OPEN if you want to open the file immediately (otherwise you are done and can open the file later).

These files are in PDF format so should work on most computers - you can download free PDF readers if needed - simply GOOGLE "PDF Reader".

AMB-Arm2 Manual  
AMB-Arm2: Second antenna bracket arm with NMO base and four REMOVABLE groundplane radials, for 135-512 MHz. Fits our various AMB "L" brackets, CLAMP-150, CLAMP-200 type antenna mounts with a 1/4 inch mounting bolt. Enables you to use up to TWO or THREE (AMB-Bkt-Mast-D2.0) antenna on one of our compatible mounts. Version: 20110210.
Download AMB-Arm2_Instructions_V20110210.pdf
AMB-Bkt-1 Manual  
 AMB-Bkt-1: HD "L" bracket for antenna mounting, with 3/4 inch hole for ant. base,. Dimensions 4x4 x1/4 inches thick x 2 inches wide. Several interchangeable antenna bases are available. Version: 20110203.
Download AMB-BKT-1_Instructions_V20110203.pdf
AMB-Bkt-1-T Manual  
AMB-Bkt-1-T: SHD "L" bracket for antenna mounting, with 3/4 inch hole for ant. base -  thicker, longer and wider version of our "AMB-Bkt-1" bracket. Dimensions 6x6 x1/2 inches thick x 2.5 inches wide. Several interchangeable antenna bases are available. Version: 20110725.
Download AMB-BKT-1-T_Instructions_V20110725.pdf
AMB-Bkt-2 Manual  
AMB-Bkt-2: HD dual "L" brackets for horizontal mounting/tilting, with 3/4 inch hole for antenna mounting. Dimensions 4x4x1/4 thick x 2 inches wide.  Several interchangeable antenna bases are available. Version: 20110203.
Download AMB-BKT-2_Instructions_V20110203.pdf
AMB-Bkt-Mast-D2.0 Manual  
AMB-Bkt-Mast-D2.0: SHD mast-mounted "L" bracket, 1/2" thick x 8x8 x 4 inches wide. Includes three stainless steel U-bolts for mounting to the top of masts up to 2 inches in diameter. Can support one large mobile antenna PLUS ONE or TWO V/UHF antennas with the optional AMB-Arm2 bracket with NMO base and four groundplane radials. A GREAT WAY to mount 1 - 3 antennas to the top of your mast! Version: 20110107.
Download AMB-BKT-Mast-D2.0_Instructions_V20110107.pdf
AMB-Gnd-1, 8, 8W Manual  
AMB-Gnd-1, 8, 8W: Ground counterpoise "ring" brackets that bolt to our CLAMP150 and other "L" bracket mounts for installing 1-4 (Gnd-1) or 1-8 (Gnd-8, 8W) horizontal counterpoise whips. Use any whip antennas, telescoping or "CB"  type, and tuned HF antennas such as "ham sticks" and "wonder lead" types for tuned counterpoise elements. Will handle the longest whips and is self supporting - no guy wires or supports for the far ends of your counterpoise. Version: 20110202.
Download AMB-GND-1,8,8W_Instructions_V20110202.pdf
BKT-Flat-4/4S Manual  
BKT-Flat-4/4S: Super heavy duty flat mount for large motorized and screwdriver antennas. Version: 20110130.
Download BKT-Flat-4-4S_Instructions_V20110130.pdf
BKT-HondaRL-1/2 Manual  
BKT-HondaRL-1 & 2: Multiple antenna bracket for Honda Ridgeline pickups (all model years), made from 4 inch wide aluminum channel. Bolts to front upper corner tie down brackets - NO HOLES TO DRILL! Model 2 is the "heavy duty" HF screwdriver/motorized version, which has an extended aluminum mounting plate to make the antenna under the HF antenna 3/4" thick. Looks FACTORY INSTALLED! Version: 20100314.
Download BKT-HondaRL-1-2_V20100314.pdf
BKT-NissanTrac-(Models 1-4) Manual  
BKT-NissanTrac-(Models 1-4): Slide-in antenna brackets and mounts for Nissan pickups with the "utility track". Version: 20110212.
Download BKT-NissanTrac-(1-4)_V20110212.pdf
BKT-Sksp-1 Manual  
BKT-Sksp-1: SHD flat mount for Shakesheare spring base for 16' & 32' whips & Hi Q's ruggedized models. Dimensions are 3/4x7x11"- bolts to hitch / bumper and vertical surface with our vertical mounting adapter (AMB-VMA-4). There is also an optional kit to fit SGC's SG237 autotuner for untuned whips! Version: 20110110.
Download BKT-Sksp-1_Instructions_V20110110.pdf
BKT-SPocket's Manual  

BKT-SPocket-3x6 & 3x8: SHD "L" antenna mount with backing plate for bolt-on installation into pickup truck stake pockets or double-thickness bed walls. Two backing plate sizes: 2x6 or 2x8 inches. Choice of several interchangeable antenna bases. Requires drill three 3/8 inch diameter holes! Version: [MANUAL COMING SOON]

BKT-ToyotaTrac-1 Manual  

BKT-ToyotaTrac-1: Slide-in antenna mount for mobile V/UHF & HF antennas, up to small screwdriver antennas, with choice of several interchangeable antenna bases. Mount your antenna quickly with NO DRILLING! Version: 20110216.

Download BKT-ToyotaTrac-1_V20110216.pdf
CLAMP-150 Manual  
CLAMP-150: "clamp to anything" portable antenna mount for H/V/UHF mobile antennas, for mounting antennas to almost any horizontal, slanted and vertical surface that is 05. to 9 inches thick - railings, fences, tables, guard rails, boats, chairs, you name it! Version: 20110128.
Download CLAMP-150_Instructions_V20110128.pdf
CLAMP-250 System Manual  

CLAMP-250: SHD fixed-base antenna mounting system that will support just about any HF/VHF/UHF mobile antenna. Bolts, screws or clamps to deck railings, fences, RV and building ladders, vertical posts and other surfaces. Many fixed-base options available, including a VERY UNIQUE "Tilt Base" that allows you to mount your antenna to a deck railing, for example, and tilt the antenna from 0-17 degrees to clear an overhanging roof. Great way to use mobile antennas in antenna restricted neighborhoods, and emergency response applications. This manual covers the bases, mounts, antenna brackets and all available options. Version: [MANUAL COMING SOON]

CNCT-PL259 WXQD Manual  
CNCT-PL259 WXQD: Weatherproof coax quick disconnect for mobile and fixed base applications. Now available are extra "end caps" for use with multiple antennas for one antenna on multiple vehicles/locations. Version: 20110130.
Download CNCT_PL259 WSQD Instructions_V20110130.pdf
INSUL KIT-01 Manual  
Insulation Kit-01: EDPM insulation kit used on UHAM mounts to insulate antenna from the upper support V-clamp, includes 5 tie strips - for any antenna up to 2" O.D. - insulation is weather/water resistant & long lasting (ours has lasted over 3 yr. so far). Version: 20080209.
Download INSUL KIT-01_V20080209_pdf.pdf
SARM-100 Manual  
SARM-100: 11-inch  x 2 inches wide x 3/4 inch thick horizontal extension arm for mobile antennas. For example, use your hitch for your antenna mount AND trailer hitch or bike rack! Version: 20071004.
Download Instructions_SARM100_V20071004.pdf
SHD-SO239-LA2.0/LA2.5 Manual  
SHD-SO239-LA-2.0 & 2.5: Stainless steel SO239 connector on small aluminum "L" bracket for antennas mounted with base bolt, for connecting a coax plug to our antenna. "LA2.0" is 2 inches wide for the most common sizes of motorized/screwdriver antennas, such as Hi Q's standard modeles, High Sierra and Tarheel. "LA2.5" is 2.5 inches wide, for the Hi Q Antennas ruggedized models. Version: 20110124.
Download SHD-SO239_LA20-25_Instructions_V20110124.pdf
SHUNT-100 Manual  
SHUNT-100: Weatherproof adjustable load inductor for HF Antennas. Version: 20090815.
Download SHUNT100_V20090815_Rev1-2_Instructions_FINAL.pdf
UHAM-150 Manual  
UHAM-150: Adjustable universal mount with two points of attachment for motorized / screwdriver HF antennas with a base diameter up to 2 inches. Mounts to horizontal surfaces such as front and rear bumpers, and trailer hitches. Fits Hi Q's standard models, High Sierra, Tarheel and others. Version: 20080323.
Download UHAM150_V20080323_pdf.pdf
UHAM-200 Manual  
UHAM-200: Adjustable universal fit mount with two points of attachment for motorized/screwdriver antennas with a base diameter up to 2 inches. For antennas such as Hi Q's standard models, High Sierra and others. Mounts to VERTICAL SURFACES including some of our BKT and CLAMP200 mounts. Version: 20090411.
Download UHAM200_V20090411_final.pdf
VersaBase Antenna Adapter Manual  
"VersaBase" Antenna Adapter: Short antenna mast for BuddipoleTM Versatee mounted dipole antennas in horizontal, inverted and vertical L configurations. Supports the longest Buddipole radials. Mounts to our CLAMP150 and our AMB series "L" bracket mounts. Version: 20110207.
Download VersaBase_Instructions_V20110207.pdf
WiFi Kit Manual  
WiFi Kit: Mounting kit for CLAMP-150 "clamp to anything" mount for WiFi and SHF high gain panel type antennas that can mount to a 1-1/16" diameter mast. Includes a short mast for attaching the panel antenna U-bolts and a third "L" bracket for "3D" antenna aiming. Mount your WiFI or SHF panel antenna WITHOUT DRILLING HOLES! Version: 20101212.
Download WiFi Kit_Instructions_V20101212.pdf